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Prayer, Share, Care

PRAYER-CARE-SHARE is much more than language that launches the Mission America Coalition, now The Table Coalition, into action.


It is far more than this, it is a lifestyle that, as disciples of Jesus, we learn and live. They are an everyday part of our lives, our character that we are known for in attitude, affection and action.

PRAYER- Prayer always comes first, we seek God’s face, guidance and provision as we praise, thank, ask, and listen in prayer. We begin our day in focused time in prayer and then walk and work through the day in constant conversation with God to journey through His will and ways in all our days. Prayer is an on-going, growing part of our lives as we live under and in God’s authority and plans for our lives. We intercede for others, our family and friends, neighbors and co-workers, those in need and those that God puts in our path each day. We pray for those we hear about in prayer requests, emails and news as well. We lift us praise and problems in relationship while seeking the One who is sovereign and has solutions.


CARE – Care is compassion in action. Care stops to listen, meets needs, and shows compassion in the sharing of our influence, time, talent and treasure. Jesus met the physical, and emotional needs of people as He knew their needs were connected to their ability to have their spiritual, eternal needs met. Care allows people to feel safe and loved so that they can hear and receive the Good News of Jesus and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. Care is expressed by mentors, coaches, volunteers, donors, Pastors, neighbors, co-workers, and complete strangers. God gives us opportunities to care for people every day and a Prayer-Care- Share lifestyle watches and responds to these opportunities in big and small everyday ways.


SHARE- It is vital that we connect our prayers and care with our love and obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ. As a Christ-follower we are called, commissioned to go and make disciples. A disciple is a pupil, a student of Jesus’ Word, will and ways. It is in this mindset with our hearts set on Him, enabled in His love and equipped by His Spirit that we share the message of salvation as an invitation to abundant, eternal life filled with fruitfulness and divine purpose. We do not scare people towards heaven but love them to the Lord as God instructed us to love Him and love one another. The clear, loving message of Jesus is not optional but vital to the Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle.